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Lucky Finds
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MIAOU Soap Dish Koziol -4 %
MIAOU Soap Dish Koziol, 100% recyclable plasticColors: black, white   ..
10.70€ 10.30€
Chocolate Fondue set Leopold -10 %
The chocolate fondue set invites you and other chocolate lovers to indulge in your sweet passion, re..
31.90€ 28.70€
UNPLUGGED Coffee Machine Koziol -20 %
Unplugged – Coffee Machine; An innovating proposal by Koziol for one cup of brewed coffee! Sty..
34.89€ 27.90€
Jamie Oliver Cheeky Mug - Best Mate -15 %
Cheeky Best Mate Mug in Tin by Jamie Oliver The Jamie Oliver Cheeky Mug - Best Mate is a mug with p..
14.00€ 11.89€
AHOI Boat Lemon Squeezer Koziol -29 %
Ship Ahoy!  Add a colorful note and fun to your kitchen with «Ahoi Boat»! This..
8.40€ 5.99€
SPICIES Salt & Pepper Set Devil & Angel Koziol -13 %
Add some flavour to your favourite dish with this angel and devil salt & pepper set by Koziol. T..
18.80€ 16.30€
BIRD Bottle Stopper Koziol -20 %
A magnificent gadget designed by Koziol, perfect to sit and seal a bottle making sure that the taste..
9.95€ 7.99€
LID SID letting off steam Monkey Business -29 %
Use the Lid Sid by placing it between the lid and the pot/pan to keep it open letting off excess ste..
13.90€ 9.80€
Graffiti Porcelain Mortar with Pestle Cilio -34 %
Crush your spices in the porcelain mortar with pestle by Cilio! Can withstand high oven temperatures..
19.70€ 12.95€
Tomate 27,5 cm Silicon cover -35 %
"Tomate", the silicon cover, a smart proposal by Lurch, protects your dishes from annoying..
19.40€ 12.60€
Ananas 21cm Silicon cover -35 %
‘Ananas’, the silicon cover, a smart proposal by Lurch, protects your dishes from annoyi..
15.40€ 9.99€
BUNNY Bottle Stopper -17 %
A useful and humorous gadget for any wine lover. Bottle stoper fits wine bottles perfectly and keeps..
4.80€ 3.99€
Perfect for kitchens short on space. Dry it dish drainer has a white back to rest plates on, that fo..
PING PONG Tissuebox Koziol -16 %
Meet the innovating PING PONG tissue case. Your kids and children will love it! The cute Penguin by ..
18.99€ 15.99€
BOTTICHELLI Storage Tub SMALL Koziol -38 %
Emotional design with sophisticated functionality Βottichelli storage tub. The edge is designed..
13.90€ 8.60€